Chimezie Chuta
3 min readOct 28, 2022


How Blockchain Technology can positively impact Nigeria’s Economy

We are witnessing one of the largest transformations of wealth in human history—from paper-based analog assets to digital ones.

Blockchain represents the first native digital medium for value, and is foundational to the next generation of the Internet—also known as Web3; a digital world where we can truly own things.

Blockchain trust protocols and Web3 are becoming the operating system of the next era of the digital age, enabling the digitization of all assets and the transformation of enterprises.

These are exciting and perilous times. If we all get this right, we will fundamentally change business and society for the better—transforming how we interact online, how we exchange value, and most importantly, who gets to participate.

If we get it wrong, this technology could become a tool for vested interests to gather wealth, data, and influence. Or, worse, it could become a platform for some new surveillance society.

The danger is that surveillance power becomes ubiquitous: embedded within systems, structures and the interests they represent. Its application becomes taken for granted and its consequences go un-noticed. As data travel silently across international boundaries, between national states and within transnational corporations, the impact of surveillance becomes even harder to identify, regulate and debate.

So, rather than predicting a Web3 future, we’re advocating for one.

We’re arguing it should succeed because it could help us usher in a new era of prosperity. We believe the economy works best when it works for everyone.

Ultimately, our message is about prosperity for all. Blockchain is giving us another kick at the can, to solve some of Nigeria’s most pressing issues, create a more prosperous society, and realize the new promise of the digital economy.

If i were the president….

I will first of all, on resumption of office, i will strive to weed out all the impediments; policy/ strategy/ regulation etc. currently slowing the adoption of this nascent technology and deploy Blockchain & Web3 technologies to systematically solve our most pressing problem from Insecurity, Epileptic Power to Infrastructural deficits.

If i were the president,....

I will inject Blockchain technology and the Web of trust to solve “Trust Issues” in governance, ensure the use of “Transperency Protocol” in public procurement and accounting. Budgeting cannot be done otherwise!

If i were the president,...

I will utilize “blockchain based identity solutions” to ensure that people are who they say they are and they truly represent their individuality.

If i were the president,...

I will ensure that academic and professional certifications are domiciled on the blockchain, immutable and distributed.

If i were the president,...

I will deploy blockchain based record keeping in our land registry, judicial record keeping, health record management, etc.

In short, if i were the president,...

I will make Nigeria the go-to destination for global blockchain adoption!

Don’t vote for me. Vote for Blockchain Technology adoption for the economic prosperity of Nigeria

Economic and financial prosperity of Nigeria will not be transformed until we build trust and ensure transparency in our governance structures.



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